Henry Woodhull Gates

Website: http://tenminor.yolasite.com/

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Active all day in studio 210 of Fenway Studios, Henry Woodhull Gates will draw two hours in the morning then paint four hours in the afternoon. His pursuits vary from Byzantine icons, to French genre, to English portraits, to American landscape. He began at Fenway through Sill Life painting classes with Judy Ryan.

Oil painting allows Gates to explore art history: to structure ideas/theology; and to embody the person, often couples or just one's hands. Henry came to Boston for graduate studies, as well as SMFA in 1980. He's practiced art therapy, which inclines him to personalize his art within an academic context.

Previously a teacher, he is available to explore sessions in aesthetics and creativity. He had a decade doing pastel landscapes and portraits; another decade developing a clay slab and slip studio in Boston. His most public art has been commissions by religious institutions, such as for World Council of Churches.