Apply for a Studio

To apply for a studio:

  • 15 JPEGS of recent work on CD OR the URL to your web site. All work must be recent (within 3 years of application date)

  • Resume and Artist Statement (hard copy)

  • Two letters of recommendation from recognized art professionals who can attest that you are a working artist and would be a good community member as part of a cooperative.

  • A statement about how you see yourself as a contributing member of the cooperative. Do you have particular skills or expertise (e.g., administrative, fundraising or design skills) that would be helpful in a cooperative setting?

  • Include any additional information that you would like to include in your application

  • A completed application form

Download Application for Admission 

Send All Materials to:
Fenway Studios Inc.
Application Committee
30 Ipswich Street
Boston, MA 02215


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to apply?
As per our by-laws, applicants must be practicing visual artists working in the media of painting, printmaking and/or sculpture. The by-laws restrict the coop from accepting commercial artists, graphic designer, photographers and people who are working in the crafts (pottery, textiles, etc.). Applicants should have a recent body of work (less than three years old) documented by either a personal and/or gallery website.
NOTE: Having BRA artist status does not automatically make you eligible for membership. We are not part of the BRA system and require our own application process

How often are applications reviewed?
Applications are reviewed quarterly by the FSI Board and you will receive notification via email or US Mail when your application review has been completed. All applicants who are reviewed favorably receive preliminary acceptance and are placed on our wait list.

How long do accepted applicants typically wait for an available studio?
This is difficult to estimate because it depends on when existing members chose to move out. It also depends on who on the wait list is ready to move in. Sometimes there are applicants at the top of the list that may pass on a studio and someone who might be further down ends up being able to purchase one. Recent wait times have varied from 2-8 years. 

Are the units live/work or work only?
All units are legally zoned for live/work. However, the amenities in each unit vary greatly. Some will have full kitchens and baths and others will not. Residents can make renovations to a studio with Board approval. 

Is the building open to the public or does it have a public gallery space?
The building does not have a public gallery space and it is not generally open to the public. There are events throughout the year that allow for public access including our Annual Open Studios, generally held in November, Opening Our Doors, a Fenway-wide event in October and First Night, held on December 31st as part of the city's New Year festivities. All of these events are optional for residents. There are other smaller events and tours that happen and residents may be asked to participate-again, these are optional.

Is the building a condo association?
We are not a condo but rather a housing cooperative. This means that residents purchase shares in the cooperative and that we all own the building. The shares do appreciate but it should be noted that this is a limited-equity cooperative and the share price only appreciates modestly. We make every effort to keep our monthly carrying charges reasonable. 

What happens when there is a vacancy?
When a unit becomes available, the Application Committee will notify artists at the top of the waiting list with an email containing the following information about the available unit:

  • Size of unit/Location in the building

  • Price of unit

  • Monthly fees

​Appointments to view the unit will be made. Applicants must see the space in person. They cannot send a proxy. Applicants will be allowed a certain amount of time to make a decision whether to purchase or not.

The Applications Committee will move down the list until a buyer is found. 

Once an applicant agrees to purchase a space, an interview with representatives of the FSI Board and Application Committee is required. This is the final step in obtaining membership. The applicant will then need to appear in person at the closing. Studios are delivered empty and broom-swept.